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Success Stories @ High Hope | High Hope Employment Services, Inc. | Milan, MO | Supported Employment Services for People with Disabilities


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Success Stories

Chuck Comstock sitting in front of computerAfter graduating from Truman State University with a BA in English, I found myself ready to become part of the workforce.  However, having suffered a spinal cord injury when I was 20, the job market was limited.  High Hope was instrumental in developing a strategic plan to emphasize my abilities, not my disability.  Within a year, I interviewed and was hired by a state agency.  I now pay taxes and I’m proud of it!

Chuck Comstock




Debra SchemppIn September 1997, I suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a gun shot wound to the head. After years of extensive physical therapy and counseling, I decided that it was time that I go back to work, as I had been unemployed for the past 10 years. Vocational Rehabilitation referred me to High Hope Employment Services, Inc to assist me in finding the perfect job. Bevan, an Employment Specialist from High Hope assisted me with my resume, applications, interview preparation and tailored the job search to fit my individual needs. I have now been employed at the Dollar Tree in Kirksville since February 2008. I love the customers, my co-workers and I love my job.

Debra Schempp


Jennifer Pickett working in storeMy name is Jennifer. I am 20 years old. And I got hired at Casey’s General Store in January, my job was to stack things up and make pizzas. Now I work on Thursdays and Friday nights helping out with unloading the truck on Thursday and making pizzas and answering the pizza phone. I like working nights because it is very quiet and I don’t rush to get everything done at once. I’m very glad that I have a job working at Casey’s it keeps me busy and I’m proud of the hard work that I can accomplish when I’m working. My boss is a sweetheart and I like her a lot, she works really hard too and does a good job and she cares about all her employees too. Milan is a great place to live and there are many people that are kind and caring to one another and I’m so glad that I live in this community. I live in a Residential Care Facility, I’m very thankful that I have a good job, place to live at and I’m happy that I have lots of friends to visit with in my home and I like it a lot. If I didn’t have a job in my life, I don’t know what I would do because everyone deserves to have a job and be able to work in a healthy environment. The High Hope and Trisha Buck helped me get a job at Casey’s and I like High Hopes services because they have given me so much help and confidence that I could be a good worker in any job that I was in. The High Hope has played a big role in my life and I hope that they continue to be a part of my life forever.

Jennifer Pickett



Carl FordyceMy name is Carl Fordyce. I became disabled and unable to work in 2004. In 2007 I started drawing my social security disability. My wife and I were having trouble making ends meet. I decided that I was going to try to work part time. I got in touch with Scott Evanoski at Vocational Rehabilitation. In turn, he put me in touch with Trisha Buck at High Hope Employment Services. Trisha put me through a series of assessments which landed me a part-time job at Friendship Apartments as a Resident Manager. During all of this I found myself homeless and had to move into the Friendship Apartments. As time passed and my job became more secure I was able to save some money and move out on my own. If it wasn’t for Trisha and the entire High Hope staff and their support, I don’t know what I would’ve done. High Hope Employment Services is a great place to go if you need help and have no place to turn. Thank you for all of your help!

Carl Fordyce


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