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Indirect/Other Services @ High Hope | High Hope Employment Services, Inc. | Milan, MO | Supported Employment Services for People with Disabilities


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Indirect/Other Services

Additional indirect services also provided by HHES, Inc. include in-service and consultation with schools, parents, adult service providers, and other agencies and organizations, which interact with persons with disabilities. Although geared to the specific needs of the requesting person/agency, the content of these services may cover such topics as programming and curriculum needs, information concerning disabilities and community needs. All services are provided consistent with the philosophy of HHES, Inc.

A HHES, Inc. staff member would be pleased to visit with you or your group about our programs. If you would like a speaker for your program or a consultation, please contact us locally at 660- 265-4614 or toll free (800) 748-7836.

Interagency Cooperation:

Interagency cooperation is an integral component of providing quality services.  Through cooperative efforts, person with disabilities can experience the same quality of life as experienced by persons without disabilities.  Individuals requiring services beyond the scope of services provided by HHES, Inc., will be assisted in contacting agencies, which do provide the needed services.

Mandatory Reporting

Staff at High Hope Employment Services, Inc. is required to report any suspicions of abuse/neglect.

Department of Mental Health-Abuse/Neglect Definitions

Misuse of Funds/Property
The misappropriation or conversion for any purpose of a consumer’s funds or property by an employee or employees with or without the consent of the consumer.

Physical Abuse
An employee purposefully beating, striking, wounding or injuring any consumer. In any manner whatsoever, an employee mistreating or maltreating a consumer in a brutal or inhumane manner. Physical abuse includes handling a consumer with any more force than is reasonable for a consumer’s proper control, treatment or management.

Verbal Abuse
An employee using profanity or speaking in a demeaning, non-therapeutic, undignified, threatening or derogatory manner to a consumer or about a consumer in the presence of a consumer.

Sexual Abuse
Any touching, directly or through clothing, of a consumer by an employee for sexual purpose or in a sexual manner; this includes but is not limited to:

  1. Kissing
  2. Touching of the genitals, buttocks or breasts
  3. Causing a consumer to touch the employee for sexual purposes
  4. Promoting or observing for sexual purpose any activity or performance involving consumers including any play, motion picture, photography, dance, or other visual or written representation
  5. Failing to intervene or not attempting to stop or encouraging inappropriate
    sexual activity or performance between consumers.

Class I Neglect
The failure of an employee to provide reasonable or necessary services to maintain the physical and mental health of any consumer when that failure presents either imminent danger to the health, safety or welfare of a consumer, or a substantial probability, that death or physical injury would result.

Class II Neglect
The failure of an employee to provide reasonable or necessary services to a
consumer according to the individualized treatment or habilitation plan, if feasible, or according to acceptable standards of care. This includes action or behavior which may cause psychological harm to a consumer due to intimidating, causing fear or otherwise creating undue anxiety.

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