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Supported Employment @ High Hope | High Hope Employment Services, Inc. | Milan, MO | Supported Employment Services for People with Disabilities


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Supported Employment

Supported Employment means competitive employment in an integrated setting with ongoing support services for individuals with the most significant disabilities…

  1. For whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred or for whom competitive employment has been interrupted or intermittent as a result of a significant disability.
  2. Who, because of the nature and severity of their disabilities, need intensive supported employment services from the designated State unit and extended services after transition in order to perform this work (a job coach will be on duty 100% of time in this case).

This is typically referred to as Community Employment Individual. There is also Community Employment Group and it consists of:
Mobile Work Crews groups of up to 6 individuals work at various employment sites within the community.  A trained job coach (supervisor) accompanies each group to job sites 100% of the time to provide assistance and support.
Enclaves groups of up to 6 individuals work within an industrial setting. Trained supervisors are on-site 100% of the time to provide assistance and support.







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